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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Imitating Christ

Imitating Christ 

No one wants to sound silly or become something like a religious nut. If you choose to be a Christian, you will live, speak, and act as Christ does—but in your own way. You are who you are. You are special as you are. At the same time you are growing into a better, happier, and more peaceful you. 

— from Catholic and Confident
(from the minute meditations email)

I think this has, and is, my biggest fear about being Christian: coming across legit.  Before I became Catholic, I guess I was Christian, but I wasn't a very good one.  I especially hated when people tried to convert me.  I believed in God.  Wasn't that enough?  It's uncomfortable when people try to talk religion to you, when it is not your religion.  I am getting over that though.  I have recently really enjoyed speaking with others about their religion.  It makes me realize that people that get uncomfortable speaking about theology, are the ones who don't know their own theology.  It always goes back to being self conscious, to not knowing who you are and then mirroring that negativity onto others.  Now that I feel more confidant in my faith and WHY I believe what I believe, I am more at peace talking about theology.  I know my purpose, I feel like I studied it  and in turn, earned it.

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  1. Nay, This was a very honest and open posting. I am sure that many along their journey have felt these things at some point or another. I will pray for you to get beyond the fear entirely of being seen as "legit". True testament of your faith and the growth that has happened is understood by the way that you are living. It is further understood by the true interior dialogue of your soul to God and your private yearning to be a more "peaceful you" . The external sharings in condifent conversation of your faith and religion are truly a given grace. May you continue to grow and strive to be the best version of yourself, understanding always that our Lord meets you where you are at on your path and fully accepts you and knows that you are indeed "legit"..turn constantly to Him and others will not be able to deny that the light they see in you is a reflection of God's love and the words that you speak in truth will pour out beautifully :). Blessings