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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a blog by any other name...

...would not be as sweet.
Today is my first Assumption Of Mary observance.  Mass this morning was great, I love attending mass on non-sundays.  It gives me that extra kick of faith.  After mass, my great friend Katie came over and Serena and I got to enjoy company.  Being a mommy on this day is such a blessing.  It has definitely been easier for me to accept why Mary, the heavenly mother of us all, is so important in the church.  We don't give our moms enough credit.  They gave us life.  Mary gave Jesus life.  Why is it so hard for protestants to see that Mary is so special?  Surely a mother's role is more than just popping out a baby.  People find it so easy to criticize others on their parenting, I do it.  It's a hard job though.  It's great for me, now being catholic, that I have such a role model to emulate.  Is it not a blessing to have a mother to us all, in heaven, to pray for us and look over us?  For those who do not have an earthly mother figure, can turn to the more important heavenly mother...we will always have her in our hearts.  How comforting is that?  It is a mother's job to comfort her child.  We all essentially share the same mother.  We are all brothers and sisters.  This is a great belief to have...it creates peace in my heart and I hope it can create peace in yours too. 
I also want to mention that I am blessed to have a couple awesome Marys in my life...my mother-in-law Mary and my paternal grandmother Mary.  They are both beautiful women who exemplify motherhood and love.  Thank you for being my inspirations!  My mom is the best mom, but her name is Marta...lol.

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