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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Dwelling for God

The Path of Jesus 

Becoming a dwelling place for God begins with our commitment—our commitment to transformation. Our commitment to free ourselves from our egos places us directly on the path of Jesus. 

— from Wake Up to God's Word

Good morning.  I just woke up and checked my email, before Serena wakes up.  This is such a great quote.  I love the "dwelling place for God" part.  We are hollow bodies that need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, love and light.  It is a commitment to free ourselves from our egos,  it is so hard to do, it is a daily battle.  It is a battle that is worth the effort, so that we may find peace and true happiness.  Today I want to find the beauty in the little things, to think positively.  Last night in my CRHP meeting, the song that was shared by one of us was "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" by Michael McDonald.  It's so uplifting and fun and can be interpreted spiritually, which most of us had not ever done.  Enjoy your day and rid yourself of your pesky ego.

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