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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today's Minute Meditation

Our new home (hopefully)

God Satiates the Heart

The world's deepest problems—and ours as well—cannot be resolved with more money, more houses, more food, more “things.” Only God truly satisfies the human heart. Only his word fills us and leaves us fully content and satiated.

— from The Sacred Heart for Lent

This is a really good post for me.  I have been trying for the last year, to train my brain to think less is more...that I don't need material things to be happy.  It's really hard to do.  I have spent my whole life being materialistic, not always in a bad way, I just like nice things and when I want something I have to have it.  It's tough to look deeper into yourself to see why you want those things.  I don't NEED anything except a roof over my head, food and loved ones.  We have been pretty broke this year, which has actually been a gift from god.  I am glad that we have been on a strict budget, it has given me perspective on what is important.  When I do get to splurge a little, and splurge is like $10 here and there, I am so thankful for it.  When friends or family buy or make us dinner or give us a hand me down, I truly feel thankful.  Holidays this year were heightened because I was humbled compared to previous years, and I like that.  We are getting our new home in less than a month.  It is what I have been wanting, a cute place, not too big, with a nice yard that Alex and I have been day-dreaming about...specifically how we are going to try to be more self-sufficient by growing our own foods and just living simpler.  When my life at home is simple and fruitful (pun intended), I have more time for focusing on my mind and my faith.  It is a beautiful thing to live simply, it opens doors for so many more possibilities in your life.

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