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Friday, January 6, 2012

On being a sinner

I definitely agree with the Catholic view, or really Christian view, of being sinners.  I do believe that we all sin.  It is pretty simple really.  If we didn't sin, the world would be a perfect place with love abounding and hate would be non-existant.  We may not all be murderers or adulterers, but we do our share.  I have many sins, most of which I am very excited to confess during my first confession when I am confirmed.  Most of my sins though, are ones that I do often and cannot just confess away.  I think the important thing is to realize that you are a sinner, it's not that bad, we all are.  We just need to sin less and less and then the world will eventually be a better place.
I have said many times how hard it is, as the week goes further from Sunday morning, to keep our faith, to keep from sinning so much.  It is just something we should all be aware of, Christian or not.  Everyone should be a better person, not just those around us that we complain about, but ourselves.  I find it hard to not internalize other's problems.  It is a tough skill to learn to be happy with yourself while helping others, but not making their problems yours.

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  1. You are right when you say that the majority of our sins are the ones we are most attached to and cannot just confess away. One of the things many forget, myself included, is that one of the necessary components of a good confession is a firm resolve to sin no more and to detach ourselves from our "favorite" vices, whatever they may be. Being Catholic takes a lot of work; thank God the Church offers so much assistance!