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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Minute Meditation 1/3/12

In Faith

We have the gift of faith, the supernatural ability to believe what God has revealed, to trust him for everything, and to expect him to intervene in our lives.

— from Living the Sacraments

Faith is so positive, but I always feel like I have to keep my faith to myself, like it's a negative thing.  Why has religion become such a hot button subject?  Faith in your religion, any religion, should be discussed with joy and understanding and love.  I should be proud to tell my friends and family about my faith, mostly because it makes me happy and content.  My loved ones only want me to be happy, and so they should be overjoyed to hear about my faith and how it is affecting me positively.  Faith in anything is always a great thing.  We should all make sure that we keep our faith and are not ashamed to share it.


  1. I know what you mean, I decided to stop caring. I used to be wary about putting up anything religious on facebook....but then I realized my atheists friends probably don't give it a second thought when they put a religion bashing link up. They're more vocal and adamant about believing in NOTHING while we tiptoe about believing in GOD. Once I put it like that it was a real eye opener. And I'm not even trying to convert people, it's usually something I find interesting or moving, and if someone has a problem with that, they can limit my posts.

  2. There's nothing wrong with talking about it. I only have a problem when it's pushed on me like someone thinks it's his or her duty to convert me. But hearing how you feel about it or what you're learning or how it affects you shouldn't be offensive to anyone.