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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My answer for "if you were granted 3 wishes"

If I were granted 3 wishes, I would say:
"How about just one, to have been born without original sin".
Last night Deacon Mike was talking in class, about how awesome it would be to be like Mary, because she was born without original sin.  "Original sin" has always kind of confused me, but he was saying that you would be basically (I am paraphrasing) the perfect person.  I would not have anger, resentment, greed, hate, etc.  I would not be fighting with myself to choose right over wrong, and believe me, I do that all day long. I feel like the worst sinner sometimes.  If there were a sin percentage, I would be in the top 3rd.  I should clarify though, venial sins mostly.  On most days I don't want to do my housework, I have a hard time not losing my temper with my daughter, I am self absorbed, among other things.  It would be so great to wake up and just be happy, be happy to get up, happy to play with a baby, thoughtful of everyone else's needs and just be good.  That is what I would wish for.  It's easy for most to respond "then, just be happy", but as any catholic knows, it's not that easy, or we would all be perfect and society wouldn't be so jacked up.

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