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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Minute Meditation12/13

The Right Afterthought 

How often we jump with enthusiasm into a project, then fade out as it becomes difficult. Sometimes there's virtue in the second thought, the delayed response, restraint rather than zeal. 

— from Catholic Update: Advent Day-by-Day

That is me all summed up.  I am that girl.  My college degree?  Liberal Arts.  I couldn't pick just one thing.  I am always latching onto something that interest me, then I go all crazy about it for a week or month, and then I loose steam and fizzle out.  My current obsessions...sewing and baking (other than my catholic endeavors).  I was actually thinking last night, before I even got this email, that I hope I don't lose steam on my religious studies.  Then I remembered though, that there are infinite trains of thought about god and jesus, the bible and existence.  I really never get bored of it.  I just started to read catholic books recently, but I have always had conversations with god.  I have always had a love for church and god.  I am hoping...no I AM...going to use my studies in faith and being more christian to enhance my determination and perseverance in other areas, like baking and sewing.  Why lose steam?  I have so much time, so much life to live and there is no reason why I need to drop hobbies, there should be room in all of us for many joyful activities as well as room to improve in those areas.

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