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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rosary Thoughts

For awhile now, Alex and I have talked about saying the rosary together.  That hasn't happened.  After I converted, this past Easter, I tried to start getting into it.  That fell by the wayside.  Last night I decided to start again.  It takes me awhile, since I don't know any of the mysteries and don't have all the prayers memorized.  It felt really good!
  I have been struggling with keeping the faith lately, mostly because CRHP is winding down and I don't have any enrichment classes and I am having a hard time getting into any heavy catholic books.  I was doing so great in RCIA class, reading all the time and always improving my knowledge of the faith.  I am determined to not let go of the importance of improving my catholic faith.
I figured the rosary would be a good jump start.
While I was saying the rosary last night, I was meditating on the glorious mysteries and that got me thinking.  Ever since I converted, I have had a hard time feeling the Jesus love.  I mean, I love Jesus, but I don't feel as connected to him as I do to God, or even the blessed mother.  Actually, I have made the most connection with the blessed mother, probably because I am a mother...I relate.
I think the biggest obstacle in truly having a relationship with Christ, is that even though he was man, he was not a sinner.  Sin is the one thing I have focused on as a new Catholic.  To divulge my sins, to try not to sin, to repair myself from my sins.  Jesus is so great...I can not relate.

So, I guess in this year of faith, I need to figure out Jesus.
Any suggestions on a good book?  I have one that the Pope wrote, but it is TOUGH to read.  I need an idiots guide to Jesus.  I know, I know...read the bible.  The bible is not always so easy to connect with.
Thanks for any input :)


  1. "I need an idiots guide to Jesus." I can't tell you how many times I've thought the exact same thing. :)

    Let me know when you write it!

  2. Continue to persevere!! Your desire for a deeper relationship with Jesus and prayer will truly carry you forward. Do not lose heart and do not put pressure on yourself- the Lord is at work within you :). Also the Rosary is such a powerful prayer, continue to pray it. As well as the daily mysteries, I also like to offer up each decade for a special intention dear to my heart..this adds to the experience of praying the Rosary and is quite amazing :)


  3. I started looking for stuff for you, but honestly, you can't go wrong with Scott Hahn, or his wife Kimberly Hahn's book. I read a couple of Scott's books and they're so simple, but very informative.

    I've always been Catholic and he converted so it was refreshing for me to see it from his eyes.