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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EWTN.com - Christian Married Couples: Messengers Of The Beauty Of Love

"In our world, which is so deeply marked by individualism, activism, haste and distraction, sincere and constant dialogue between spouses is essential to avoid the emerge, development and degeneration of misunderstandings which, unfortunately, often lead to irreparable breaks which no one can then mend", the message concludes 
People forget that marriage is a religious institution.  When we make our vows, they are to each other and to God.  I am 100% guilty of treating my marriage like a nuisance, rather than a blessing.  I complain about having someone else tell me what to do and how to live my life.  When I go to mass, I am always reminded how blessed I am to have a husband that loves me and our child, that makes me laugh and provides for me.  I know he only wants the best for me.  Why am I so reluctant to just be happy in my marriage and work as a team.  I try.  We all try.  The problem is, when you stop trying.  I am glad that I have the church to set an example for marriage and to remind me of why we marry and why we keep trying.  I have never forgotten how much I love my husband, he may annoy me, but I am still "in" love with him.  

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