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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday May 20th

In Good Times and Bad 

Today, look around you, and find God in both good news and bad news, in the obvious and in the hardships. The hardships just might exist as a way to draw your hearts closer to Him. 

— from Ask the Bible Geek

This is a good quote for me today.  I have been a horrible christian this past week, moving week.  I let the stress overwhelm me and I lose my temper and I can't seem to stay positive, to see God in the things around me.  I was doing so good, I am off the wagon.  There are moments when I have thought to pray, but it hasn't seemed to help because I just go right back to being a b#*(&$.  I know it's not good to want to change things, but if I could change my behavior toward Alex and Serena this week, I would.  Thank God it's sunday and I can reflect in church and allow Jesus to help heal my frustrations and humble me.  Man, it takes a lot of hard work to be a good person.

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  1. I always thought so but you make it look so easy. ;) Love you.