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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's Saint

I get the daily saints email from americancatholic.org and I really liked the saint today, John the Gardener.  It's funny because my best friend's husband is re-doing their yard today, mostly so we can have her bridal shower there.  She sent me this picture this morning:
the transformation begins
It's funny how god works.  I got this picture and then the email, signs that I should pray for the success and peaceful completion of their project.  It's cool to be able to start using the saints as your prayer helpers.

Here is the post about John the Gardener:

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Servant of God John the Gardener
(d. 1501)
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John was born of poor parents in Portugal. Orphaned early in life, he spent some years begging from door to door. After finding work in Spain as a shepherd, he shared the little he earned with those even more needy than himself.One day two Franciscans encountered him on a journey. Engaging him in conversation, they took a liking to the simple man and invited him to come and work at their friary in Salamanca. He readily accepted and was assigned to the task of assisting the brother with gardening duties. A short time later John himself entered the Franciscan Order and lived a life of prayer and meditation, fasting constantly, spending the nights in prayer, still helping the poor. Because of his work in the garden and the flowers he produced for the altar, he became known as "the gardener."
God favored John with the gift of prophecy and the ability to read hearts. Important persons, including princes, came to the humble, ever-obedient friar for advice. He was so loving towards all that he never wanted to take offense at anything. His advice was that to forgive offenses is an act of penance most pleasing to God.
He predicted the day of his own death: January 11, 1501.
A monastery garden was tended well to feed the community, not to make the grounds pretty. John saw to it that the refectory table was well supplied. But he also added a bit of beauty, growing flowers to enhance the chapel. God is surely pleased when we add a bit of beauty to the world—especially when we warm it with an act of forgiveness. For, as John insisted, forgiveness is the loveliest thing in God’s eyes.


  1. I had never heard of this saint before. Thank you for sharing a very warm and informative post.
    Blessings and prayers,