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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blessed Week

I am on the up-side this week.  Last week I was complaining a lot.  I think I was just being very self centered.  This week has been great.  It's basically the same week, except I have been trying to focus on helping others and enjoying the little things.  Serena and I have had a lot of play dates, which fill the days with fun and laughter and friendship.  The weather is perfect, so we have had a few walks too.  I am constantly trying to remind myself that I am lucky and to trust god's plan for me.  I need to keep up with this good feeling and hopefully next week I can add in some activities that inspire me, like practicing my guitar more and continuing to spend time reading and learning.
Things of note this week:
1.  We are looking at houses tomorrow, how exciting to have a yard soon!
2.  I have had exercise for 2 weeks straight now...and it feels great to be getting back into it
3.  My dear friend Heather's birthday was yesterday and I volunteered to babysit for her so she could have a night out with her husband after 2 years of no date.
4.  I am joining a softball team with friends that will start in March.

So cheers to the weekend and I hope all of you can stay positive and helpful to others!


  1. happy weekend =) The good thing about being sad is it makes being happy so much sweeter when it comes.

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