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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Altarpiece of Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo Cathedral
I rented some DVD's from the library, just to get a little more visual with my studies, but also to give my brain a little rest from the heavy reading.  I watched the PBS piece, Secrets of the Divine: the Altarpiece of Ciudad Rodrigo, which you can watch here at this link I found.  I of course, had no idea what this was about when I borrowed it, I just thought it sounded important.  It is.  This video really delves into the research, the heart of the researchers, and some scientific aspects of art history.  It was very educational...of course it is, it's PBS.  I love art, I have taken a couple of art classes, and this was really cool for me.  I like learning about catholic art and architecture, it's so purposeful.

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  1. a light book that I started reading is "confessions of a mega church pastor" by allen hunt. It summarizes all the important things he realized were present in the Catholic church that were missing from protestant services, including his own =)