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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I didn't attend mass this morning, I am super sick.  I intended to, but I woke up late and when I did, Alex said "you're not going to church".  He took Serena though.  So, I watched a mass video on EWTN and I am reading about the solemnity, since this is still my first year as a catholic.  You know, I have to be honest, as a new catholic, the main feast days/solemnities are pretty confusing.  The names...Epiphany, Ascension, Assumption, etc...
I always have to look it up, and of course, once I go to mass and hear the homily, I get it better. 
There was a nice quote on EWTN under the readings for today:

To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.
-- Mother Teresa

How true is that?  It not only reminds me of the fact that I need to keep my faith light burning bright, but also my marriage light lit.  I really enjoyed the celebration of the holy family, was that last Sunday?  That was a great homily because I often forget how important my little family is. My little trinity family...Alex, me and Serena.  This won't last long, since we are adding a 4th in May, baby Cecilia, named after my confirmation saint.  So it is even more important to keep the lamp lit, not only for the growth and prosperity of my relationship with Alex, but also for our two children...feels weird to say two!

So, on CatholicCulture.org they state that "three mysteries are encompassed in this solemnity: the adoration of the Christ Child by the Magi, the Baptism of Christ and the wedding feast at Cana.".  It's basically Jesus being presented to the world as the messiah, as the true son  of God.  This is a happy day...one I will sneeze and blow my nose through, but I will try to focus on this special day. 

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