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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Grapes in my parents-in-laws backyard
We had "Discernment Night" in my CRHP meeting last night.  We all sat in the chapel in prayer, listening to God's will for us, for what we can contribute to the next ladies retreat weekend.  I was feeling like I could do a lot of the topics to witness, especially the ones that deal with the newness of the faith (me being a newbie and all).  I am pretty easy going and willing to please others, so I wanted to just listen and see what the other women were thinking.  I knew that I wanted to take a lead in organizing the weekend.  I had such a profound feeling of love and warmth during our retreat and I wanted to pay it forward in a big way.  So I mentioned choosing "Discipleship" as a topic to witness on.  After I said it, Father Tim and one of our fearless leaders, Laura, both jumped at the chance to tell me that they had been thinking that all along, that I was the one for the job.  I felt at that moment both pressured and blessed...just kidding.  I truly felt like the process worked, God had definitely spoken up for me and to me.  Then I realized I had no idea what "Discipleship" meant.  I googled.  Basically, it is perfect for me, it is a student.  I have felt since day one of this conversion process, that I have been a student of the catholic faith and I love to enrich myself on the subject through books, DVDs the internet and so on.  In RCIA classes, Deacon Mike would always say that there is never enough learning to be done on the Catholic faith and that has proven to be more than true.  I have only scratched the surface of my studies and I love the endless information, the lifelong quest.  So I am excited to start working on my witness, so that I can hopefully touch someone's faith like so many others have touched mine.

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