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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding #2

the running around 
My little family

"are you sure you want to marry me again?"

cute pic with Monsignor

my bridesmaids :)

Katie and Jonah
Wow.  The second wedding is never as good...is that a saying?  No, I am just kidding.  We had a wonderful validation ceremony.  We met at the church at 5pm.  We dressed up.  My friends Heather and Katie were our witnesses, with their little ones.  Serena ran around the church yelling the whole time, while Heather chased her.  I am sorry Heather, did you think I said that I needed a "witness"...no, I needed a "baby wrangler".  It was pretty short.  Monsignor was so relaxed about it and we didn't say the right stuff and fumbled with the rings and it was all just really comedic.  I told my mother-in-law on the phone after, that I didn't think it counted.  In all seriousness though, it felt great to make those vows again after 8 years of being together, 3 of them married.  We are no longer living in sin!  After the ceremony we went to EarthFare for dinner, a really quick circus dinner (kids eat free on thursdays) and then I rushed to church for the Holy Thursday mass...praying the while time that I wasn't late.  I cannot STAND to walk into a church late...everyone looking at you...judging you...like they know they are not supposed to.  It was a beautiful mass, I cried like a baby when we sang "Were you there?" during the offering.  I saw the feet washing.  We all left in silence.  It was a beautiful mass.  It was a great second wedding.  I am very blessed and glad Serena got to be at our wedding this time.

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