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Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Week

I can't believe my first lent went by so fast.  I am pretty proud of my lenten studies/offerings.  Sure,  I could have prayed more and been more contemplative, but I stuck to my fasting, I went to a retreat, went to a couple of friday services and did some community service.  Not bad for a not-yet-catholic.  This week is going to busy, not only am I going to 3 masses, but I also have to sing at those masses and get confirmed. Monsignor also wants us to validate our marriage before saturday.  We also have play date plans almost every morning and afternoon.  I am doing my first confession saturday!  I can't wait to feel the weight lifted off my shoulders.  It's a heavy weight, multiplied by 30 years.  There is a man in my class that is doing his first confession after...70 years.  I will try to go before him.

Palm sunday mass was really moving, long, but really good.  I got a great feel for what I should be focusing on this week. We are having a a small retreat before our confirmation, a sort of Easter crash course I am thinking.  I loved the women's retreat about lent, so I am excited to hear what Fr. Tim says about Easter.


  1. Been praying for you during your "1st Lent!" There's only 1 RCIA catecumen at my parish this year, but it's so neat for us cradle Catholics to watch the catecumens/candidates go through the Scrutinies each year. Very excited for all your new sacraments in a few days!


  2. Voy a tenrla presente en mis oraciones para que esta primera semana santa la llene de bendiciones y de gracias.
    Cuando uno se va a confesar va cargado de piedras, unas casi como rocas, otras pequeñitas. Cuando era pequeña me decían que, al confesarnos, es mejor soltar primero las grandes, porque son las que más pesan. sería muy tonto seguir cargando con ellas mientras tiramos las piedrecitas.
    En todos los sacramentos nos encontramos con Jesús que nos ama con locura.

  3. This is so wonderful! :) I will keep you in my prayers throughout this Easter weekend. May God continue to bless and guide you. All the best always, may you continue to enjoy this journey through faith.