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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Women's Day of Renewal

Today I am going the another Parish, the co-cathedral of St. Thomas More, a beautiful church here in Tallahassee, for a Women's Day of Renewal.   This is the first event of this type that I will have ever attended.  I am really excited.  Father Tim, our young Father who is my age and went to school with a lot of my friends, will be the moderator.  I wish you all could hear him speak, he is uplifting and humble and funny.  I imagine there will be some women speakers too.  There will be breakfast and lunch, my kind of renewal.  There will also be mass and reconciliation, although I cannot take communion...I am so close!  I only have 2 more RCIA classes.  This is a very exciting time for my faith.  I also started reading a really good book, I will post on that later.  I am so lucky to have such an awesome church family and diocese, I am really feeling the love lately.  There are so many opportunities in our diocese for growth and renewal.  I hope that you can attend something like this in the near future.  I know I will have a great experience.
On another note, with my lenten prayers, I am now praying for my best friend Suesan's brother Wayne who passed away at a young age of illness and also my brother's girlfriend's father.  I am so sorry for their losses, but one thing I love about the catholic church, is that the soul never dies and one day it will be reunited with our healthy bodies.  Our deceased loved ones are all around us and we can pray for them, even after death. 
This is a good daily minute meditation I got in my email from americancatholic.org:

Beyond Words

Just as our interpersonal relationships—whether they be with family, friends, or lovers—require us to communicate our whole selves beyond mere words, so too our relationship with God requires us to communicate our whole selves to our Creator.

— from Dating God

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