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Sunday, December 11, 2011

When you can't participate in the Eucharist

When I was in high school, my best friend and I went to her dad's place down south for the weekend.  Her father, a devout catholic (my friend....not so much), told me very sternly that I was NOT to participate in communion because I wasn't catholic.  I was pretty hurt by it, insulted really, and no real explanation made it worse.  Now, I absolutely understand why I wasn't allowed, but I didn't then.  That is the problem with looking at a religion based on the person who presents it to you.  A lot is lost in translation, and I bet most religious people have no idea how to explain their doctrines in a positive and helpful way.   It would have been way more christian of him to have a quick and helpful chat with me about "why" I wasn't allowed.  Unfortunately, just because we believe that something is true and just, doesn't mean that everyone else does...and if you want them to respect you and your belief, being rude doesn't help.

Me, my hubby and my baby this summer in Myrtle Beach SC
My real reason for this post was to say that I respect that I am not supposed to participate in the eucharistic portion of the mass.  I have been told, wisely, that I should focus and pray during that time.  My prayers should be centered on making myself ready to receive the true body of Christ.  I know I am not ready for that yet.  I have much to do with my spiritual self before I can REALLY say that I am fully involved.  Christ's sacrifice is a lot to digest (pun intended) and I need to make sure I respect that.


  1. Love the post- really moved me to think about things. Just blogged on it and linked your blog to mine!


  2. Nay- I hope you didn't mind that I ran with your blog post on my own blog! I probably should have asked you first.